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When photographing, especially with a non-professional camera, photographs require significant improvements in colour. Colour correction of photos in Photoshop will allow you to correct these imperfections or change the colour scheme in accordance with the wishes of the photographer.

Let me remind you that this is not an "instruction manual" and not a call to action. In this article, we'll take a look at tools that can help make your photos look more vibrant and realistic.

Colour tools

Colour correction in Photoshop is done using the tools located in the "Images" menu in the "Adjustments" panel.

The same tools can be found in the layers panel.

The difference is that when you select tools from the Layers panel, an adjustment layer is created that you can edit and delete at any time. When choosing tools from the menu, all changes are irreversible.

Before starting any "cosmetic procedures", it is recommended to create a copy layer on which to perform all the necessary manipulations.

Understanding which tool from the panel or the method of changing the colour is suitable for a particular case comes with experience. One point to keep in mind, however, is that if colour correction is necessary for photographs to be printed, it is recommended that you identify and manually correct colours outside the printable colour range.

If you convert the image from RGB to CMYK in automatic mode, some of the colour details outside the range may be lost during printing.

Brightness / Contrast Tool

Adjust the tone of the entire photo using the "Brightness / Contrast" tool.

To do this, simply use the sliders to set the required picture parameters. The panel also has a checkbox "Use Legacy". When you activate it, the program removes the settings you made so that you can compare the result "Before" and "After".

Levels tool

More precise colour adjustments are made with the Levels tool.

There are three sliders on the panel that smoothly adjust the dark, mid-tone, and light. There are eight ready-made colour options. Changing the tone can be done in manual or automatic mode.

Curves tool

Adjusting the colour with the Curves tool allows you to set a different number of correction points. The panel has two axes along which a diagonal line runs. Colour adjustments are made using a vertical or horizontal diagonal break. The horizontal axis indicates the input parameters; the vertical axis indicates the received ones.

Levels and curves can be corrected using the eyedropper. There are three types of adjustment eyedroppers for these layers. They are usually used to neutralize colour in a histogram. When you select an eyedropper, a black, white or grey point is set, respectively. Further, the correction is performed automatically.

Exposure and Vibrance tools

Tool "Exposure (Exposure)" allows you to change the light, dark and mid-tone of the picture. The Vibrance tool helps you adjust the colour saturation. This option is convenient when you need to correct skin colour, and it restores faded tones well.

Hue / Saturation and Color Balance tools

Hue, brightness, and saturation can be adjusted with the Hue / Saturation tool. The option has three eyedroppers that appear when you tune a specific channel. They allow you to define a base colour, add a hue to and exclude a hue from the current range.

Tool "Color Balance (Color Balance)" applies a tint to shadow, medium tone and light.

Black & White Tool

The Black & White adjustment not only makes the image black and white but also controls the individual colours that need to be changed.

In custody

Colour correction in Photoshop is a necessary and important step in photo processing. But with all this, you must learn how to correctly approach the choice of tool and try very hard not to make the photo worse than the original.

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