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Most people spend an average of 3.3 hours / day engaging with digital media on smartphones. Due to changes in consumer behavior Therefore, building a website that works on a computer is not enough for today's consumers.

What is Responsive Web Design? 

       The site design Be responsive on any device This will allow the website to automatically optimize the display for different screen sizes.With a responsive website, many people can browse the website from any device.

Why is responsive design important?

       People accessing websites from their computers and desktop Because most monitors have the same size But now that technology has changed, devices have screens from a few inches to 27 inches or so. The ride thus makes consumers expect the website they are visiting to be compatible with tablets and PCs.

       In terms of use For example, a smartphone user visits a website. You can then dial a number to automatically dial that number, etc. Responsive websites take these into account and automatically adapt to your device. To provide the best possible user experience to your visitors Regardless of the device used to access the website

       Most of us will find website designs that can be displayed on any device on Ready-made website Because ready-made websites are designed to allow users to create websites easily, conveniently and looking modern. Therefore, websites that can support display on any device will be those that have been created over the past few years. If the finished website does not have a Responsive system, then you can stop thinking about using it.

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