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Since the world of internet began and online businesses were born, company websites have evolved a lot. They have gone from having boring websites with a lot of text, not very suggestive and static, to having super attractive websites with lots of visual resources, with the aim of attracting the user.

For this reason, today, most companies focus on having a modern design that attracts more and more users, but without taking into account, in many cases, that a beautiful design for people does not mean That is good for Google, which after all is who chooses if it will show us in the search results.

Headings or headers (H1, H2, H3,…)

The headings or headers are the titles that we find on a page. They are content with a different typeface than the rest, usually larger and, sometimes, of a different color:

What we find many times with this is that the themes or templates of the different CMS (Content Management System) already have their preset font to help people who do not know how to change it. The problem is that sometimes SEO is not taken into account and it is done only taking into account the design of the page, so the semantics of the web is not implemented correctly.

The main reason for this is that Headings are very important for SEO, since they provide Google with semantic information, that is, of what is relevant at the content level, and in many cases there are themes that do not have the h1 tags implemented. , h2 ...

On the other hand, we also see cases of pages that have an H1 (which would be correct), and the next header is an H3. What is the problem? Well, H2 give more relevance to content than an H3, and therefore we are losing the strength that an H2 can give us to help position keywords that are written in that heading, just for design reasons. Furthermore, semantically there is a hierarchy of information that, in this case, is not being implemented.

To finish with this first tip, tell you that, when creating the structure of the Headings, you must take into account both the design and the SEO. As we have been commenting, headings are a very important point for SEO: they help in the information structure of the web so that Google knows which keywords are relevant to you and your business, and they help users to understand better and faster what your website is about and what they will find on it.

Very Heavy Images And Videos Without Resizing

This can be applied to any type of media file so to speak. But in this case we are going to focus on images and videos, since they are the most used and, to a large extent, the heaviest.

Many people think that they can upload any image on their website just because it is beautiful, without taking anything else into account. But this is not the case, as it can directly affect SEO.

Little Text On The Pages

As we can all see, there are many web pages where content is a bit scarce due to having a large number of images and videos to attract the user.

But, as we have discussed previously, you not only have to attract users, you also have to attract Google, so to speak. Therefore, our pages must have content.

The content is what Google reads to know what your web page is about, that is why it is very important so that it can position us. We must have a text according to the theme of our pages, an attractive text so that people read it and stay on our site, and an optimized text so that Google likes it and helps us position.

How do you optimize a text?  In the first place, using a good Headings structure as we mentioned in the first tip. Then, that both the Headings and the text itself contain Keywords to be positioned and that are related. For example: If our website talks about pants, then use the words pants, jeans, jeans, etc.

Much scrolling to find the information

This point does not affect SEO so directly, but it can affect it indirectly. Why? Very simple: if our website is not very adapted for the usability of the user, when he enters the web if he has to scroll and scroll to get to what he is looking for, he will quite possibly leave.

And this is when it hurts SEO, when a person enters your website, scrolls and leaves. This increases the bounce rate of your page, or in other words: the percentage of people who come to your website and, without browsing, leave your site . This is a very important factor since, if for Google you have a very high value in this sense (that is, your bounce% is high), then consider that your website does not have quality content and that is why users do it. drop out. So it doesn't help you position, but rather the opposite.

In conclusion, that the people who enter your page have to scroll is fine, but always thinking about the user experience, not that the web is super visual if it implies little usability and that, therefore, hurts us.

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