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Modern sites are made on the principle of social networks: almost endless scrolling down, many screens. A consequence of this design is the need to insert an "Up" button. The proper placement allows for better usability. The task of UX designers and programmers is to make sure that the button does not interfere with the user, but there are no problems with finding it.

Top Button Functions

Imagine a user scrolling through the suggested information to the bottom of the page. He is reading an article, or maybe he decided to make a purchase in an online store. But to perform an action, you need to go to another subcategory.

Of course, all browsers have a function of instant scrolling to the top of the page, but not everyone knows about it. Building a website for "advanced users" only is not a good idea. The Home button will help visitors:

  • return to navigation items, go to another subsection;
  • filter your request by other criteria - by price, manufacturer, by tags;
  • ask a request.

Regular users use the mouse wheel or finger to scroll if the web page is open on a mobile device. It is inconvenient to return upstairs mechanically. The "Top" button is intended to solve the usability problem, but you also need to place it wisely.

Best Ideas For The Back To Top Button

It is important for any web designer to combine the aesthetic function and the comfortable work of the site. Sometimes this leads to bad UX decisions because the functionality is lost in the pursuit of beauty.

  • "Up" is needed where the site is more than four screens. Oddly enough, the fashion for the "convenient" element of usability has spawned many small pages where the instant return is completely unnecessary.
  • Intuitively, the user expects the Up to be placed in the bottom right of the page. Move somewhere else - confuse visitors. It should not interfere with reading or viewing products.
  • Use lettering. An arrow pointing in the right direction on the screen is good, but not always clear. Especially if the site is designed creatively and "Up" also becomes part of the design. The signature eliminates user confusion and bewilderment.
  • There should only be one anchor referenced by the return button. The site visitor, by clicking "Up", always returns to a specific place - to the very beginning of the page.
  • Avoid unnecessary internal linking with anchors. A single button that returns to the top of the site can replace all other unnecessary links.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to direct the user not only to the beginning but to certain elements on the screen - for example, to the subscription form or to the Call to Action element (buy, order, get at a discount). Such design elements can be implemented in different ways, but the Back to Top button should never deceive the user.

How The "Up" Button Should Look Like

Regardless of the style of the web page, there are guidelines for this design element. Usability guidelines have been tested with millions of users and are therefore considered universal.

  • The size. Small but noticeable. The "Up" button is a pure service element, a modest "helper" for the user. Let it remain, so it is unacceptable to overlap the semantic elements of the site.
  • Visual difference. Some web designers use contrasting colours. The point is that the user does not have to look for a key; otherwise, the person will simply close the page with an annoyed “let me out of here”.
  • Immobility. Don't force your site visitor to chase the back to top button. Let her stand still, always ready to help.
  • No automatic scrolling. Web users don't like it when someone else decides for them. As part of the scrolling function, the Back To Top button should remain just a feature, not the responsibility of the visitor.

The popular design element has alternatives. Some web designers offer to duplicate the navigation at the bottom of the page - this is especially important for online stores because the user has already viewed the existing product, does not want to see it again, but wants to see the next selection.

Another option is to fix the entire site menu. In contrast to the "Up" button, it is recommended to place it on the left, and it can "follow" the user. The principle remains similar - not to be intrusive, not to get in the way until the website visitor decides to use the services himself.

Some designers put the link “Home” or “Home” instead of “Up”. This can be a good solution for an article resource; the visitor will be able to quickly find texts on a different topic.

There are many options for placing "Up" or analogues of this button. Before finally deciding on this design element, it is advisable to do preliminary testing and understand what people who come to the resource need.

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