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Make sure everything is working correctly & be complete with your information

Technical info

You may have the best online store, but make sure that it is technically in order and that all functionalities work optimally to offer your visitors the best service online. Test your webshop using tools such as eg. https://seositecheckup.com/ 

Be complete with your product information

Before people make a purchase, they first want to have all the information about a product available (specifications, price, accessories, delivery time, stock, ...). Rather display fewer products on your webshop, but make sure that all this information is available.

A hopeless task to gather all this information? Then discover the advantages of a link between your ERP and webshop to grow your e-commerce.

Four advantages of a link between your ERP & webshop

Radiate (user) friendliness & trust

In addition to the reason that visitors cannot find all the desired information about a product or about the company itself, they also want direct information about the practical side of an (possible) order. Just think of shipping options, payment options, stock information & instructions for use.

A good example of a very complete customer service can be found at coquewebsite.com  where we integrated all these things. Are all these things already present in your webshop? Make sure that you can tick the following items from your checklist: 

  • In addition to the "standard information" such as shipping options, payment options, stock information, .. also provide an FAQ with the most common questions & corresponding answers so that your customer service is not overwhelmed with "standard" questions. Be sure to clearly display your contact information.
  • Integrate a live chat such as eg. Drift (here you can also set opening hours & automatic answers)
  • Has your website been running for a while? Be sure to integrate customer reviews on your website to give new visitors confidence. It is best to request this via an automatic e-mail 2 weeks after their order has been shipped.

Immerse yourself in the search behavior of your (potential) customers

By using numerous web tools such as Ubersuggest  or Google keyword planner you learn more about the search behavior of (potential) buyers.

Why? These tools immediately give you valuable & realistic insight into the search terms used for your product range. In this way you can respond to the search behavior of your target group while writing content for your webshop.

Write content for your target group & distribute it via social media and advertising

Now that you have more insight into the search behavior of your visitors, it is time to develop content for your categories, blog posts, landing pages, extra information pages, new case studies, ... It  is also afterwards to (continue to) score well in search engines. important to write new content on a regular basis.

Repetition is key. It is therefore a good idea to use the elaborated content on other channels such as:  social media advertisements and e-mail marketing . This immediately gives you a greater reach for the influx to your webshop that can affect your orders.

Collaborate with a digital partner?

All too often we see companies coming back which months (or even years) spend an online marketing budget without knowing the results. Monitor the results of your efforts closely and make adjustments where necessary to achieve optimal results.

Do you notice that you spend too much time on this or do you experience difficulties with this? Then it might be a good idea to look for a reliable digital partner  to:

  • generate insights into your results and improve them
  • keep your webshop up-to-date through general maintenance & follow-up (GPDR, SSL certificates, indexing, ...)
  • improve your e-commerce through targeted recommendations & implementation

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