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Having a new website made is one thing, but getting this website to score well and increasing your returns online is another. A wrong perception is often created here. A professional website offers added value for your company to boost your online presence and support your branding, but a new website is no guarantee to generate more visitors and increase your conversions.

Four advantages of a link between your ERP & webshop

Why my website is not sufficient?

The score and findability of your website depends on all kinds of factors that require maintenance. When developing a new website , our team always takes into account all kinds of options that influence the score of your website in search engines. However, due to an ever-changing market and a change in search traffic of potential customers, it is important to maintain your website on a regular basis through a check-up .

What can you do yourself?

To start with, you can get started by keeping the general information on your website up-to-date, such as: contact information, opening hours, holiday periods, new colleagues, ... However, if you really want to improve the position of your website, new content a must.

Supplement your website with new content

Google is continuously indexing new information to determine your position and the position of your competitors in the search results. New content is an asset. Moreover, all possible information is now available online and people start comparing and weighing online. Make sure your website is always up-to-date by supplementing: projects, products, realization, photos, news items, expansion of services and addition to frequently asked questions .

Writing new content is a good start, but unfortunately it is not enough. This content should attract potential customers to your website by triggering them and ideally encouraging them to generate a conversion. But how exactly do you do that? It is there where CoQueWebsite provides the necessary support.

What extras does a web agency offer?

CoQueWebsite looks further than just writing a text. Our content specialists create targeted communication for your potential customer that is supported by the expertise of your company, our technical knowledge and SEO assets . In this way, your news item, blog item or reference will not only achieve a better position, but also trigger the visitors on your website to perform an action.

SEO audit with technical support

Maintaining your website is crucial to attract new potential customers and to be one step ahead of your competitors. However, writing new content is not enough. During our check-up, we always provide an SEO audit of your website with technical support and a supplement of new content that is substantiated with SEO assets to improve your position in Google.

We notice that technical support is often forgotten during an SEO audit and that is where a collaboration between our content specialists and developers offers a unique solution. We will work together to map out and improve the position of your website by:

  • Optimizing & supplementing metadata
  • Including new relevant search terms
  • Check & improve the loading speed of your website
  • Indexing & sitemap check
  • Optimization of link building url structure
  • Advice on further optimization & interesting channels for your target group

In addition, a check-up will keep you informed of the mandatory & designated technical adjustments such as: GDPR legislation, SSL certificates, Security updates, newsletter registrations, Google maps adjustments, ...

Completing new content on your website is also interesting to use as communication on other channels such as: social media, newsletters & social media advertising.

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