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Do you have a website project in the real estate sector? Are you a real estate professional (real estate agency, the network of agencies, real estate developer, etc.) and want to create a website or redesign your site?

Real estate website creation, the website for the real estate agency

A real digital showcase for a real estate agency, the real estate site allows you to highlight your know-how, real estate advertisements, and your services (rental, sale, management). Thus facilitating your offer's visibility with your prospect's targeted customers.

Personalized in your image, your website must be optimized for mobile and tablet use and implement an effective SEO strategy.


Many Internet users now use the Internet to prospect for real estate. Indeed, 90% of real estate searches start on the Internet. It is therefore essential to have a website to develop your real estate activity.

A website adapted to your business to bring your contacts.

Whether it is for a real estate agency, an independent agent, a network of agencies, or a real estate developer, in residential, tertiary, or commercial real estate, real estate website development company offer you tailor-made "turnkey" web solutions corresponding to your budget and your objectives for your real estate services, offers, and activities.

They design and produce responsive real estate websites, adaptable to all media types (computer, tablet, and smartphone).


Anesthetic and efficient real estate site

Your website is a true reflection of the identity of your agency or your network. It should be the extension of your physical storefront.

Your website's design must remain faithful to the spirit of your company to present its atmosphere and its offer better. Every detail is studied during the design of your real estate site for a unique rendering: visual impact, ergonomics, access to information, loading speed.


Functions adapted for a real estate site.

Real estate is a sector of activity that has evolved considerably since the advent of the web. To stand out from direct competitors, the  estate website development company must offer as much information as possible as well as suitable functionalities:


  • Slideshow, photo galleries (interior, exterior, environment), videos
  • 360 ° virtual tours
  • A fast and intuitive multi-criteria search engine (a type of property, location, price, etc.)
  • Highlighting the favorites of a selection of properties for rent or sale
  • Possibility of memorizing a selection of announcements
  • An email alert module allowing visitors to automatically receive new advertisements published by the agency corresponding to their search criteria
  • Property mapping (Google Maps geolocation)
  • Possibility of downloading the detailed advertisement in PDF format (generation "on the fly" in real-time, from information from the database)
  • Setting up automated gateways for the export of your ads published on your website to ad sites.
  • A financial tool for calculating borrowing capacity, notary fees, etc.
  • Contact form
  • Sharing via social networks
  • An optimized and well-referenced website on Google
  • Internet users looking for a property to rent or sell should be able to find you.

The real estate website development company attaches the most significant importance to graphic and editorial quality and the visibility and positioning of your website on search engines by implementing natural referencing techniques (SEO).

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