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Web design is a fascinating field. And this is not only due to its diversity but also to its links with other related fields. For example, with the field of optimization.

Although at first glance, a web designer should not have much to do with the SEO side, he is still closely connected with this field. Of course, for the optimization part, there are SEO specialists, but the designer also has his role in this direction.

There are so many SEO techniques and tools in this field that web designers should know. These will make their work easier and will often help them make the right decision in their projects.

In this article, we will list 4 SEO tools that any employee in a web team, regardless of their specific position, should know at least the basics.

Moz: The best premium SEO tool

Moz is the best solution for web designers when it comes to SEO. The platform also includes a free tool. With Moz in the free version, you can search for possible keywords relevant to the site; you can analyze the current keywords; you can see if you won the positioning on certain words, you could analyze the profile of backlinks, or you can peek at the competition site to see their keywords.

Of course, if you switch to Moz Pro, you will be able to access several SEO tools such as backlink analysis, local SEO strategies, how SEO impacts your business and other premium analysis.

There are also Mangools, Ahrefs, or SEMrush that are useful for higher ranking sites, but these are all tools you will have to pay for.

Ubersuggest: The best free SEO tool

There are many free SEO tools, but this is one of the best. What we like about Ubersuggest is that although it is free and easy to use, you can use it in countless ways.

For example, you could use Ubersuggest for a basic keyword search and long-tail keyword recommendations that would be helpful in earlier planning steps.

Yoast: The best SEO SEO tool

For those who use WordPress, Yoast is a must-have.

Even if Yoast doesn't help you with keyword planning, or backlink tracking, it will allow you to set keywords on each page, set the meta description of the page, and work a little on the Usability side.

Google Search Console: The best analysis tool

You're probably already using Google Analytics to review site metrics or make data-driven decisions. You can also add Google Search Console data to your Google Analytics dashboard. How will this help you? Google Search Console gives you a more detailed overview of the data collected on the site over time, in the direction of optimization.

  • SSL certificate: if your website is still running on HTTP and you have not secured it, SSL is an encryption certificate used for the security of personal data on the site, you could receive an automatic sanction from Google. So always make sure that the sites have an SSL certificate installed.
  • Speedy Hosting: Website speed is extremely important in SEO, and it depends on the quality of your web hosting plan. Speedy Hosting can help you increase the loading speed of your site.

Overall, there are other separate tools you need to influence the positioning process of your site, even if they are not directly related to SEO.

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