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The choice of the images to be included on your website is certainly a crucial decision both for SEO optimization and, above all, for the success of your entire project. Today we often hear about stock images and original photographs as these are the options that are most taken into consideration when looking for material to insert on a website.

Let's start by analyzing stock images to understand their full potential and find out if, indeed, this could be the right solution for your website.

Stock Images For Your Website

When you don't have high-quality professional images available, archival photos are a good option to add photographic material quickly, easily, and certainly cheaper than an original photograph. When we buy images from these databases, we are usually talking about royalty-free licensed images.

Customization Of The Stock Image

Add text, cut out a distracting element, or add another layered image to your photo. There are many, many ways to use simple photo editing tricks to enhance a boring archive photo and make it unique in its own way.

Original Images For Your Website

After talking about stock images, let's move on to the original photographs. Also, regarding the choice and use of real, original photographs, the choice must be considered and made from a qualitative point of view and with an excellent critical spirit.

A lack of care can compromise a great website with great content and enormous potential to choose photos or a bad photograph.

Some tips for using your original photograph:

Contact A Professional Photographer

Many good professionals and photographers can take fantastic photos of your company, your office, your products, photographs dedicated to your services but also of your team and your workspace. This is especially important if your location, company, and the people who work for you are an essential part of your brand: something to be valued.

Recognize Your Limitations

In your website's planning stage, it is important to understand your ability to create and update elements that require images. News articles, blog posts, homepage banner - all these areas may need to be updated by you. Will you be creating news articles every week? Do you have to change the homepage banners every month? If you don't have a designer on hand or a photographer and you don't “have a steady hand,” you can consider using other stylistic elements in the design that don't require photographs.

Professional photography can be expensive, but it's the best solution and the only simple shortcut when you don't have the time or access to high-quality original images. Custom images and original photography are more eye-catching, but we know we will need time or money to create original and personalized images.

The Need For A Good Image In Modern Culture

Today, with the advent of social media, what is called "visual culture" has consolidated. It is a tendency on the part of web users to prefer visual material rather than written material. Therefore long pieces with a lot of text are not preferred but, instead, smaller texts, perhaps schematized with a structure in small paragraphs, accompanied by a good image that summarizes the message of the piece and makes it easily accessible even to those who, perhaps, do not have very much intend to read the full article.

Consistency, Quality, And Interactivity

Therefore, images should always be relevant, of high quality, and interactive. Interactivity today is another big part of users who want to be able to download and share what they see in a few simple gestures, without too many steps to take. For this reason, therefore, the entire structure behind an image must be carefully studied, giving its users exactly what they want. We remind you that a satisfied user, who likes a website, will come back and, thanks to word of mouth, will bring another flow of users, with a sort of passive advertising that, silent and without costs, will increase the traffic on your site and, of consequently, it will broaden the horizons of your business.

SEO And Original Images

Remember that to get visibility on search engines and thus increase traffic on your site, images are essential ... the Google search option "images" goes right there. Therefore, a ban on uploads of images for their own sake, for insertions without personalization or strategy, instead customizes each title and description of the photos and their URL address.

The Final Result

As we have seen, images have become the backbone of websites and, today, finding the right material to promote and make your business successful is essential. We know that an original photograph is more expensive than a stock image, but we would like to point out that choosing the first option would prove to be a sort of investment. a solution to boost your business. Your website must be able to be unique, original, and personalized. Finding maybe the same material, the same image from another website, is not a great motivation to stay on the website where you have arrived! If not convinced in the first 5 seconds in which he has access to the homepage of a site, we know that a user goes directly to another! In short, you really need to know how to seize the moment, providing an image that is qualitatively high, beautiful to look at, and absolutely relevant.

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