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Easy things you can do so that your web page helps promote your company, and above all, having a clear premise: what is good and brief is twice as good. 

Usability: Navigation is the most important

Navigating a web page is everything. Web design with a bad navigation structure or with a poorly thought-out structure will prevent customers from finding what they are looking for easily and quickly. A web user will be on the main page of your website between 30 and 60 seconds; if they are trying to find where to go this time, it is most likely that this potential client will go to a competitor's website that is easier to understand.

Marketing: Use short messages

There are several studies in which it is shown that 80% of visitors to a web page do not read the content but rather review it superficially. For this reason, it is advisable that you take the text you were planning to use on your website and reduce it by half; once reduced, try to reduce it again by half; if you succeed, you will see how your message reaches more users more easily. This message should only include important information that differentiates your company; the idea is to get a short message that conveys the intended message.

Usability: Simple things, the user should not feel confused. The home page of a website should be clear and simple, without any graphic elements that confuse the user. If a website is saturated with graphics, texts, and content, it can generate confusion and insecurity for those who see it, whether or not what they are looking for will be on our website. You have to be very clear that a potential web customer is usually a busy person who will compare several websites and will choose the ones that easily and quickly lead to what you are looking for.

Design: Cover or home page design

All companies with a web request the main page that is like a movie billboard, in which the news and products or services that we want to highlight are offered. Now, imagine that you are driving on the road, and you see a sign; you only have a few seconds to see it and process the information and assess if it is what you are looking for in order to call or view its website. A home page or cover of a website should be thought of in the same way. Your client must be clear about what he is going to find on your website in a few seconds; it is not worth making him dizzy.

Marketing: Easy and short web domain

Every website should try to use a domain that is short, easy to pronounce and target, and easy to remember. Also, if your budget allows it and if they are free, we advise you to buy the extensions .com .es .net .info, etc. It is also advisable that the domain contains the name of your company or brand or keywords that interest you.

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Easy things you can do so that your web page helps promote your company, and above all, having a clear premise: what is good and brief is twice as good.  Usability: Navigation is the most important Navigating a web page is everything. Web design with a bad navigation structure or with a poorly thought-out structure […]

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