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For fast consistency between designers, without sacrificing quality, a common language of components and free access to the library are needed. Most have noticed the problem of how the elements of the system are lost depending on the movement of the tools.

Designers need access to the same tools as designers. Previously, they used complex intranets, relying on many irrelevant tools. The overuse of design tools is a problem for the management of design systems. This does not take into account their daily use.

Difficulties can arise if product managers want to use the same colour scheme as product designers. Limited access to software complicates and slows down the project completion process. Developers and designers must synchronize, understand whether they are going in the right direction and whether there are any shortcomings in the coincidence of parameters.

The Future Of Design - Systems

Imagine a design workflow that allows you to switch between programs without transferring the design system. Or how in a new company you need to use a design - system, but you do not remember where the required file is located, the passwords that you need to find and synchronize all the data. To some extent, this option already exists in the present tense.

Specify provides functionality for any team activity, regardless of location. The application provides not only access but also the ability to control. A significant proportion of designers in large companies use this system. They have a number of resources, experience, contributing to the development of design - systems, thereby providing free access.

The use of the app is planned by a number of specialists in Gem. The source code will be open, allowing other users to use and improve it. Items will be hosted on AWS or GitHub, in JSON file format. This enables developers to extract the information they need from the system.

JSON allows you to save formats of a wide variety of files copied from Sketch and Figma. Superb checks system files by placing the latest copy on the user's computer. In offline mode, the desktop always contains the latest version of the resources.

The program is displayed at the top of the monitor in the form of a status bar, which can be opened using hot keys or by clicking on the icon. No need to open Figma or any other app to add new colour codes or edits, just drag everything to the status bar.

Superb includes categories: colours, icons, font and interface (contains complex components, illustrations). In the future, it is possible to add in the form of tabs: layout, movement, interaction. The search becomes active immediately upon launching the application; it is performed instantly among a variety of components (categories, recommendations for use, colour schemes, synonyms).

Displays as pop-ups similar to bells. Users have the ability to customize information based on personal preferences, and the application is also native. Design - systems teams will display realistic indicators of the performed activity, its significance.

November 23, 2020
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November 20, 2020
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For fast consistency between designers, without sacrificing quality, a common language of components and free access to the library are needed. Most have noticed the problem of how the elements of the system are lost depending on the movement of the tools. Designers need access to the same tools as designers. Previously, they used complex […]

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November 19, 2020
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November 18, 2020
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November 15, 2020
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