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What does a Web Developer do? Did you ever think of what should you look for in a developer before assigning your projects? Let's find out. The web programmer creates web sites using different programming languages, such as HTML, CSS3, or JavaScript. He is also the one who makes sure that we see it well when accessing a website and that it works.

This professional, also known as a web developer, takes care of programming all the actions carried out on a web page, such as searches or filters. He is also in charge of creating the database and giving technical support to everything that the designer has devised.

What knowledge does a web programmer have, what does he do, and how much does he charge?

What does a Web Developer do?

What does a Web Developer do?

A web programmer must master the HTML language to be able to define the structure of a web. Also, you have to be able to handle CSS to give that website a look. Of course, the more programming languages ​​you know, the better, since you can do more things on one website.

Taking into account the general knowledge that a web programmer usually has, some of its main functions are:

  • Design websites and applications
  • Define the graphical project interface
  • Maintain the architecture and functionality of any site
  • Work on the back-end of a website to make any configuration changes in it

Regarding the salary of a web programmer, the figure may vary depending on whether it is a junior profile or not. A study published in The Economist places a web developer's average salary at $ 26,200 gross per year.

Functions of a web developer

Normally a web programmer works on the software, the database, or the coding of a web. At the workplace level, you can work as a freelancer, be hired by computer consultants, or by companies specializing in computer programs development.

The functions that a web programmer develops are many. So below, we summarize them.

Use of programming languages

Creating the structure of a website means knowing how to use different computer languages. In the web programmer case, he writes codes from HTML, PHP, JavaScript, XML, or CSS.

Develop websites and correct errors

The web developer is in charge of designing and developing the structure of web applications or internet pages. Also, select the best programming language for these. You can also embed images and videos.

At the maintenance level, carry out tests or tests to check the page's quality and detect any errors that may appear. Therefore, you must also know how to solve them.

Optimize websites

The programmer designs, develop, and add new functions to a website. You should also do tests and check its proper operation.

Teamwork with different departments

The web developer should consult designers, producers, and clients before moving forward on a project. This aspect is very important at the level of task coordination, product performance, and reputation.

Other functions

In large projects, the web programmer must be responsible for reviewing the codes produced by other members of the team. This allows the detection of any errors that influence the operation. It must also be present in the presentation of the page or web application to customers.

Finally, you must keep your knowledge up to date, whether it is learning about new programming languages, technologies, and market trends.

Front-end and back-end development

It can be said that the web programmer works in two stages: the front-end and the back-end. To get an idea, the front-end is everything that the user sees on a page. That is the design of the web, the menus, buttons, and more. Also, think about interactions, ease of navigation, and comfort. For this, they need to work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

If the front-end is the "showcase" of a website, the back-end would be the warehouse, which is not seen. In this, the programmers are in charge of solving problems, finding and improving the web's functionality through codes. For this, they use PHP and SQL languages.

Programming languages

A programming language offers a series of instructions that allow the web programmer to write sequences of commands and algorithms. Here we explain the main types of languages ​​that developers use to create websites or programs:

  • HTML. It is used to represent content such as titles, paragraphs, etc. It is one of the easiest languages ​​to understand and where any programmer begins.
  • CSS. This language is used to style and design content created with HTML.
  • JavaScript. It serves to give interactive functionality to a website. Give users a visual representation. To understand us, they would be those buttons to share content from a website to Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp.
  • SQL. It is used in the database to filter, save, or delete information.
  • PHP. This language is used to make a website more functional. It is used to communicate with websites and databases. For example, when we log in to a web, PHP verifies it in the database, and if they match, we can log in.

Differences between a web designer and a web developer

Currently, there is a fine line between designing and developing websites. Although many professionals perform both functions, the differences are clear.

Web design focuses on the aesthetics of a website, such as the range of colors and logo. It should also ensure a good user experience, making it easy to navigate the web. Therefore, the web designer must have mastery of graphic design and marketing.

In the case of programming, this area is in charge of a website's functions, such as registration, content management systems, or database management. The programmer must ensure that the website's functionality is correct, doing tests, and correcting errors.

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